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Casa degli Artisti
Corso Garibaldi 89/A
via Tommaso
da Cazzaniga
20121 Milano


15.—21. April 2024

Opening Hours


Come by metro

  • Linea 2 (verde)
    Metro station Moscova

Come by tram

  • Tram 2
    P.le Negrelli – P.le. Bausan
  • Tram 12
    Molise – Roserio
  • Tram 14
    Cimitero Maggiore – Lorenteggio

Come by bus

  • Bus 43
    Piazza Firenze – Piazza Greco
  • Bus 57
    N57 – Cairoli – Oggiaro
  • Bus 94
    Cadorna FN – P.ta Volta

Casa degli Artisti

Casa degli Artisti is a hub for artists in residence but also a place open to the public where they can visit exhibitions, listen to concerts, participate in performances, talks and workshops. As a cultural partner, the Casa degli Artisti shares the mission of the "House of Switzerland Milano" and promotes creativity and exchange between artists.