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It was a pleasure to welcome you to the House of Switzerland Milano 2024!

See you next year at the Milano Design Week! Save the date: 7.–13. April 2025

What’s all about?

At the 2025 Milano Design Week, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Presence Switzerland will once again showcase the wealth of Swiss-related talents from the world of contemporary design.Under the theme of “Collaboration” and how it nurtures design, the collective exhibition will bring together emerging designers, studios, universities, brands, and galleries.

While giving a physical platform to the Swiss design industry, the initiative seeks to give visibility and connect its players with the international design industry.

Do you want to join the 2025 edition?

The Open Call for projects will open at the end of Summer. Just as the previous years, the selection will be curated by an external jury.

Visit the 2024 edition
Visit the 2023 edition

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Casa degli Artisti
Corso Garibaldi 89/A
Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga
20121, Milano, IT

Opening hours
10am – 8pm


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